3G Pitch Consultants in Bac

3G Pitch Consultants in Bac

Synthetic 3G sports pitches are becoming increasingly popular at schools and leisure facilities as they provide a lower maintenance alternative to natural grass.

3G Surface Architects in Bac

3G Surface Architects in Bac

With help from specialist 3G pitch architects, you can create the perfect design for a new sports surface, as well as carrying out a hassle free installation process.

3G Surfacing Consultancy in Bac

3G Surfacing Consultancy in Bac

Our services are available to a range of organisations who are looking to create better sports facilities but are struggling to know where to start with planning and construction.

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3G Pitch Surface Consultants in Bac

It is important to have a look at 3G pitch surface consultants in Bac HS2 0 when thinking about having a sport facility installed. Many schools and clubs throughout the UK have recently been choosing to replace natural grass sport fields with 3G synthetic turf to create a durable area which can be used for multi activities with football and rugby being the primary sports. Undertaking a project to install a large sport facility like this can be a daunting prospect, but our consultants can guide you through each aspect including strategic development, sport area designs, applying for planning permission, sourcing funding and installing the surface itself. These facilities are often installed as multi use facilities in Bac due to their versatile playing qualities. Find out more about multi use games areas here http://sportconsultants.co.uk/multi-use/na-h-eileanan-an-iar/bac/ Our team can carry out the installation of new MUGAs or even turn existing sports areas into a MUGA.

For more information on 3G pitch consultancy please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more details regarding the construction of 3G pitches, costs, specifications and designs. Simply fill out the enquiry form to speak to a professional today.

3G Sports Pitch Contractors Near Me

The 3G surfacing consultancy must begin with feasibility tests and topographical surveys of the ground to check the levels, drainage and suitability of your existing area to make sure it’s safe for installing a 3G surfacing. When these tests and assessments have been carried out and the site has been approved, architects can come up with a specification and design for the artificial surfacing which includes a choice of 3G carpet, area size and drawings of the proposed facility. This could also include extra accessories such as secure fencing and specialist sports floodlighting around the perimeter of your field. Once planning permission has been granted for the project, the construction work can start. In order to find a company to complete the construction of your sport facility, the 3G surface consultants will compile this information, along with bills of quantities, into a tender document which is sent out to a few different contractors. The company who gives the best value price for the work will be awarded the job.

What is a 3G Pitch?

A 3G pitch is an artificial surface which offers similar characteristics to natural grass. 3G pitches are often installed for sports like football and rugby, as they offer great performance qualities for these sports. For more information on our football pitch installations, please visit this page http://sportconsultants.co.uk/football/na-h-eileanan-an-iar/bac/ One great advantage to a 3G field when compared to regular all-natural sports grass is the artificial grass will not become flooded or waterlogged over time due to the permeable properties. 3G pitches are a porous surface type, which means that water can drain through easily - this then means that the facility may be used during most weather conditions all year round without becoming muddy and unusable. 

In the event the 3G surfacing does start to hold water, it is important that you get the facility fixed straight away. By leaving these problems to develop further, it may be more costly to have the surface fixed. Our soccer facility consultants can offer you more details on 3G installation if necessary, so please do not hesitate to get in contact.

3G Pitch Surfacing Consultancy in Bac

When a suitable contractor has been chosen to complete the work, the 3G surfacing consultancy will be on hand to oversee the whole project and ensure that every aspect meets the requirements of our client. Assessments shall be carried out to check the quality of contractor’s work and to ensure each stage of sport field construction meets safety requirements and is in line with standards set out by governing bodies like SAPCA and FIFA. Regular meetings and progress checks shall be done throughout the building process so that any issues can be addressed quickly.

After the synthetic grass facility is installed and all building work is complete, the sports facility consultants in Bac HS2 0 will visit the site to undertake tests of the performance and safety qualities to ensure that the new surface is fit for purpose and will be safe for players to use. To find out more about our consultants please click here http://sportconsultants.co.uk/na-h-eileanan-an-iar/bac/ We can also offer advice on maintenance and aftercare to help you keep the new field in top condition over a long period of time.

How to Install a 3G Pitch Near Me

When looking at how to install 3G synthetic surfacing, our experts generally follow these simple steps:

  1. Excavate/Dig up existing surfacing 
  2. Lay down geotextile membrane
  3. Stone up and install sub base
  4. Install artificial grass sport surfacing
  5. Apply line markings where needed

We have worked with many organisations within the educational sector and sport industry so please get in touch with us through our contact form if you’d like some more details on 3G field consultancy and we’d be happy to discuss the process with you. Once we receive your enquiry, we will get back to you with more information regarding the services which are 3G pitch surface consultants in Bac HS2 0 and surrounding areas, can carry out.

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