MUGA Pitch Consultants in Ardo

MUGA Pitch Consultants in Ardo

Our services include offering help and advice to organisations who are looking to improve their sports facilities with a new multi use games area.

Multi Use Court Architects in Ardo

Multi Use Court Architects in Ardo

MUGA sports facilities are popular with schools and leisure centres because they have coloured line markings applied for a number of different activities, making them extremely versatile.

MUGA Surface Consultancy in Ardo

MUGA Surface Consultancy in Ardo

Multi purpose sports surfaces can be installed in a range of specifications such as synthetic grass, macadam and polymeric rubber depending on the chosen sports.

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MUGA Pitch Consultants in Ardo

As specialist MUGA pitch consultants, we can offer help and expert advice to many local groups including schools and clubs when it comes to undertaking the construction of a brand new multi-use sports facility near me.

It may be difficult to know where to start with this sort of large-scale project so having professional help makes the process a lot simpler and easier to manage things like designs, budgets, funding and planning permission.

Before work can get started on designing and building the multi-use games area, the multisport pitch consultants will carry out a series of tests and feasibility surveys to check that the ground conditions of the proposed area are suitable for construction work to be done.

Depending on your chosen sports they could check the suitability for basketball, netball and tennis surfaces in Ardo AB41 7 as well as a number of other activities. They must also identify any possible risks associated with the soil conditions, drainage and safety of your facility after completion.


Benefits of MUGA pitch Consultants

MUGA pitch consultants bring valuable expertise and guidance to the design, construction, and maintenance of Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA).

Here are some key benefits of hiring MUGA pitch consultants for your sports pitch:

Quality Assurance

MUGA pitch consultants oversee the construction process to ensure the highest quality standards are met. They supervise sports pitch contractors, conduct regular inspections, and monitor the progress of the project.

This quality assurance helps minimise errors and ensures that the MUGA pitch is constructed to the required specifications, resulting in a durable and safe facility.

Maintenance Planning

MUGA pitch consultants can assist in developing a comprehensive maintenance plan for the facility.

They provide guidance on maintenance practices, such as regular inspections, cleaning, repairs, and turf maintenance, to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the MUGA pitch.

A well-planned maintenance strategy helps reduce long-term costs and enhances the durability of the facility.

Maximising Performance and Safety

MUGA pitch consultants focus on optimising the performance and safety of the facility.

They consider factors like surface materials, shock absorption, slip resistance, and adequate drainage to create a playing surface that supports optimal performance and reduces the risk of injuries.

By ensuring proper design and construction, consultants contribute to an enjoyable and safe sporting experience for users.

Costs of MUGA Pitch Consultants

Hourly rates for MUGA pitch consultants generally range from £50 to £300. However, the fees can vary on the sports consultants expertise and the complexity of the project.

The costs can vary based on the size of the pitch, the complexity of the design, and the level of detail required.

Design and planning fees for MUGA pitches can range from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.

MUGA pitch consultants typically charge consultation fees based on an hourly or daily rate.

If you require design and planning permission services for your Multi use games areas consultants may charge separate fees for this phase.


Multi Use Games Area Design

When these assessments have been done, a design and specification for the multi-use games surface can be drawn up.

This will include a choice of surfacing such as tarmac, polymeric or artificial grass depending on what primary sports are going to be played in the area.

Other accessories like fencing and specialist floodlights can also be included in the design with architects’ drawings and detailed measurements and dimensions of the space to match.

If you require more information regarding the multi-use games area design, please be sure to contact our team using the enquiry form on this page.

Our professional consultants can offer you details on designs and specifications and can provide you with assistance and support where needed.

What is a MUGA Pitch?

A MUGA pitch is a facility which may be used to play a number of different sports and activities in a single space.

MUGA is an acronym for multi-use games area and they are often found in schools, colleges and sports clubs near me with limited space or funds - since more than one sport may be played on the facility.

There are numerous surfacing types which can be installed for multipurpose pitches; these include macadam, polymeric, needlepunch and artificial grass.

Depending upon the sports you wish to play on the multisport surface, the surfacing required will differ. 

Our multi use games area pitch consultants are able to help you create the perfect sports pitch for your establishment and will be able to offer you the best advice when installing the multi-use games facility.

We have a huge amount of expert knowledge within the industry and plenty of experience, so you can be sure to receive the best results from our team of consultants.

MUGA Surfacing Consultancy in Ardo

The next part of a multisport surfacing consultancy process is to use the designs and specifications for the sports pitch to create a tender document which shall be used to find the best contractor to complete the work.

This tender document includes the architects’ drawings along with bills of quantities and surface specifications; each selected contractor will receive the tender document and then submit their price to carry out the work. 

When all the construction companies have offered a price, the most competitive quote shall be chosen to build the multi-use games area.

Throughout the construction process, our professional consultants will oversee the work and make sure that all safety standards have been met and that the final project meets all the requirements that the client is looking for.

As most clients choose to have an all-weather facility installed, tests will be done to assess the porosity and drainage qualities on the surface.

After the all-purpose sports facility has been built in your area or surrounding areas, the consultants will carry out performance and safety tests for the surface to make sure it complies with SAPCA accreditations and playing qualities for your chosen sports.

Please contact us if you need any more details on our multisport surfacing consultancy services and we’ll get back to you with some information on how it works.



How Long Does it Take to Complete a MUGA Pitch Project with a Consultant?

The duration of a MUGA pitch project can vary depending on factors such as project size, complexity, and site conditions.

The involvement of a consultant can help streamline the process and ensure efficient progress. The timeline will be discussed and established during the initial consultation with the consultant.

Can MUGA Pitch Consultants Help with Ongoing Maintenance?

MUGA pitch consultants can provide guidance on ongoing maintenance practices and develop comprehensive maintenance plans.

They can advise on factors such as regular inspections, cleaning, repairs, and turf maintenance to ensure the long-term durability and optimal performance of the MUGA pitch at sports clubs. 

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