Rugby Pitch Consultants in Magherafelt

Rugby Pitch Consultants in Magherafelt

Our team of consultants will offer advice to help you design, plan and build a brand new synthetic rugby pitch at your organisation.

Rugby Surfacing Consultancy in Magherafelt

Rugby Surfacing Consultancy in Magherafelt

With help from specialist consultants, your artificial rugby pitch can be designed, installed and tested to meet all of your performance requirements.

Synthetic Rugby Facilities in Magherafelt

Synthetic Rugby Facilities in Magherafelt

Artificial grass rugby pitches are becoming more popular in schools and clubs, we will help you to create a personalised facility for multi use purposes.

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Synthetic Rugby Pitch Consultants in Magherafelt

As specialist synthetic rugby pitch consultants, we have helped many schools, clubs and local groups in the UK with installing brand new artificial grass sporting facilities for training and competitive use.

The turf used is a 3G synthetic carpet which is specially designed to mimic the characteristics of natural grass for use with both football and rugby pitches and also meets RFU and SAPCA accreditations.

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This specification is made of advanced synthetic grass fibres and has both sand and rubber infill within the carpet to enhance the playability of the rugby surface.

A lot of schools and sports clubs choose this surface type because it’s durable, suitable for all weather conditions, and requires a lot less maintenance than natural grass without getting flooded or muddy.

Although it’s becoming increasingly popular to have a synthetic surface installed, many schools and sports clubs near me, find it difficult to know where to start on the design and construction.

This is where synthetic rugby pitch consultants can give guidance throughout the whole project as well as find funding and financial help.

Our services begin with carrying out a site survey to assess factors such as drainage, topography, soil conditions and any risks which might be identified.

Work can then start on creating a specification and design for your new facility which meets the requirements of the client and fits within the available space within the sports facility.

Planning permission will need to be obtained if your project results in a change to the use of the land, we can also assist you in applying for this to make the process as simple as possible.


Benefits of Artificial Rugby Pitch Consultants 

Artifical rugby pitch consultants can provide several benefits to rugby clubs, organisations, and facilities. Here are some of the advantages they bring:

Expertise and Knowledge

Rugby pitch consultants are highly knowledgeable about the latest technologies, materials, and construction techniques used in creating synthetic pitches.

They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their expertise, ensuring that the artificial pitches meet the specific needs and requirements of the rugby club or facility.

Customisation and Design

Rugby pitch consultants can assist in designing and customising the rugby pitch to suit the specific requirements of the club or organisation.

They can consider factors such as pitch size, line markings, shock absorption, and durability, tailoring the design to meet the professional standards and regulations of rugby governing bodies.

Performance and Playability

Synthetic rugby pitch consultants understand the importance of performance and playability in rugby.

They can recommend the right synthetic turf systems that offer optimal ball bounce, traction, and player stability. This ensures a consistent and high-quality playing surface, regardless of weather conditions.

Rugby Pitch Consultancy Costs 

The costs of rugby pitch consultants in the UK can vary between £100 - £300 depending on several factors, including the scope of the project, the expertise of the sports consultants, and the specific requirements of the rugby club or organisation.

It's essential to note that the following estimates are general and can vary significantly:

  • Consultation Fees: Synthetic rugby pitch consultants typically charge an hourly or daily rate for their consulting services. The fees can range from £100 to £300 or more per hour, depending on the consultant's experience and reputation. The duration of the consultation will depend on the complexity of the project and the level of assistance required.
  • Design and Customisation: Rugby pitch consultants may charge additional fees for the design and customisation of the rugby pitch. The costs can vary depending on the extent of the design work needed, such as determining the pitch dimensions, line markings, and other specifications. This can range from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Project Management: If the rugby pitch consultants are involved in project management, overseeing the construction process of the synthetic pitch, additional costs may apply. This can include site visits, coordination with contractors and suppliers, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Project management fees can range from a few thousand pounds to a significant percentage of the total project cost.


Artificial Rugby Surfacing Consultancy

It’s important to find the right artificial rugby pitch consultants when having a large-scale project like this carried out, so our artificial rugby surfacing consultancy services offer help by sending out a document to several chosen construction companies.

This document contains detailed information regarding the project as well as a design and drawings for the sports area, area size on site and details of the layout and location of your area.

Through a procurement process, each contractor will submit their own quote for the work and once each quote has been collected, the best value company will be chosen to do the work.

The process of building a sporting facility involves installing groundworks, sub base, the 3G surfacing construction in Magherafelt BT45 8 and surrounding areas, and any extra features like floodlights and secure fencing to help your school or club make the most efficient use of new sports facilities.

You can find out more about 3G pitch installs here

Our team will offer advice and help with the construction work to check that you’re happy with how it’s going and that the contractor is carrying out the installation to the highest safety standards.

After the construction work has been done, we’ll return to the site to complete testing for safety and performance which checks characteristics like drainage, slip resistance and ball roll to ensure the new facility meets the correct specifications and qualities for a sports facility.

We will also have specialist sports facility architects to ensure you are getting the exact rugby pitch you desire. 

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss sports pitch consultancy further, we would be happy to provide you with more info on the services we provide so don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Install Artificial Rugby Pitches Near Me

We have years of experience in the installation of artificial rugby pitches. To find out how to install a synthetic sports pitch, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the existing surface by digging out the surface
  2. Install a geotextile membrane
  3. Install a Macadam sub base
  4. Install a shock pad
  5. Lay the synthetic turf 

We can install synthetic grass pitches in Magherafelt and surrounding areas to high standards.

Our rugby pitch consultants can speak to you regarding the different designs and specifications available and can offer you professional advice regarding the type of surfacing you should have installed.

Our specialists can talk you through the process of altering specs to meet individual needs and requirements and how this can affect the installation process and costs.

What is a Rugby Pitch?

A rugby pitch is a sports facility which is installed especially for rugby.

A synthetic sports pitch is often used for the installation of sports pitches; this offers similar playing characteristics to natural grass, without a large amount of maintenance.

Artificial pitches offer permeable properties meaning that the rainwater can drain through easily. This means the surfacing will not become waterlogged or flooded in wet weather conditions. 


Why Should I Hire a Synthetic Rugby Pitch Consultant?

Hiring a synthetic rugby pitch consultant can provide numerous benefits. They bring expertise, knowledge, and experience to ensure the pitch meets your specific needs.

They can help with customisation, performance optimisation, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Their guidance can lead to a high-quality playing surface and maximise the lifespan of the pitch.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Synthetic Rugby Pitch Project with the Help of Consultants?

On average, the process can take several months from the initial consultation and design phase to the completion of construction.

The rugby pitch consultants can provide a more accurate timeline based on the specific project requirements.

The duration of a synthetic rugby pitch project can vary based on the size and complexity of the project, as well as factors such as weather conditions and contractor availability.

Can Consultants Assist with Obtaining Planning Permission for a Synthetic Rugby Pitch?

An artificial surface consultant can provide guidance and support in the planning permission process for the artificial grass pitch installation at your sports facility.

They can assist in preparing the necessary documentation, such as site surveys, environmental impact assessments, and planning applications.

Their expertise and knowledge can help navigate the planning process more efficiently.

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