Football Pitch Consultants in Abererch

Football Pitch Consultants in Abererch

As experienced football pitch consultants we can offer advice and help on creating the perfect design and plans for your project to ensure you get the facility you need.

Football Surface Architects in Abererch

Football Surface Architects in Abererch

With help from football surface architects you can install a brand new sports pitch without the hassle of creating designs for the project, getting planning permission or finding a contractor.

Football Pitches Consultancy in Abererch

Football Pitches Consultancy in Abererch

Our services offer assistance of various organisations including schools and sports clubs who are looking to improve their facilities but don't know where to start on creating plans and finding the right contractor.

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Football Pitch Consultants in Abererch

As artificial football pitch consultants, we can assist various sports organisations with sports development, project management and strategic plans when creating designs for and installing brand-new synthetic pitch facilities and games areas.

We work with schools, sports clubs and local authorities to draw up specifications for perfect sports pitches, apply for planning permission and funding for the work, and oversee construction with sand-filled and 3G synthetic pitches.

The artificial football field NBS specifications are becoming more popular in the UK as they offer a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass pitches which often become muddy and unsafe in wet conditions.

With help from a soccer facility consultancy, the whole process of having a new synthetic grass surface installed is made much simpler.

The artificial football pitch consultants will begin the development by carrying out feasibility studies, assessments and topographical surveys on the proposed area of land.

The surveys which we carry out are to make sure the levels and soil conditions are suitable for a sports surface to be built on and that an adequate synthetic football pitch surfacing drainage system can be put in.

If the existing sports surface design passes each of these tests, a design for a new synthetic football pitch can then be drawn up by a soccer facility architect.

This will include a specification of the artificial grass carpet along with an area size, site layout and schedule of works for your project.

The consultancy will then help your project management organisation to apply for planning permission from the local council to have the project management plans approved before construction begins for the perfect sports pitch with the highest standards.


Benefits of Artificial Football Pitch Consultants

Football pitch consultants provide valuable expertise and guidance to ensure the successful design, construction, and maintenance of football fields. Here are some key benefits of hiring football pitch consultants:

Expertise and Knowledge

Football pitch consultants are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in sports field construction and maintenance.

They possess expertise in areas such as soil analysis, drainage systems, turf selection, and pitch layout.

Their deep understanding of the requirements and standards for football pitches ensures that the field meets the necessary criteria for optimal performance.

Customised Solutions

Consultants work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals. They assess factors like climate, soil conditions, budget, and usage requirements to develop customised solutions.

This tailored approach ensures that the football pitch is designed and constructed to meet the unique requirements of the new sports facility and its users.

Quality Assurance

Football pitch consultants help in ensuring the highest quality standards throughout the construction process.

They oversee every stage, from site preparation to installation of irrigation systems and turfgrass.

By conducting regular inspections and quality checks, they minimise the risk of errors or subpar workmanship, resulting in a high-quality, durable football pitch.

Artificial Football Pitch Consultants Cost UK 

Typically, sports pitch consultants charge an hourly or daily consultation fee, which can range from £50 to £300.

The cost of hiring artificial football pitch consultants for sports facilities in the UK can vary depending on several factors. The scope of the project, the consultant's experience, and the specific services required all play a role in determining the costs.

Sports surafce design and planning services may involve additional fees, with costs ranging from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds, depending on the complexity of the project.

For construction oversight, consultants may charge a percentage fee, typically ranging from 5% to 15% of the total construction budget.

It's important to discuss the specific requirements of the project with the consultant to obtain an accurate estimate of the costs involved.

Football Pitch Costs 

The cost of a football pitch in the UK can vary between £50,000-£500,000 depending on various factors, including the type of pitch, location, size, materials used, and additional features.

The initial construction cost of a football pitch involves site preparation, levelling the ground, drainage systems, and installing the playing surface.

The cost can vary significantly depending on whether it is a natural grass pitch or an artificial turf pitch.

On average, the construction cost for a basic natural grass sports pitch consultant here can range from £50,000 to £150,000 or more.

Artificial turf sports pitches typically range from £200,000 to £500,000 or higher, depending on the quality and specifications.


Types of Football Pitches 

There are several types of football pitches, each with its own specifications and characteristics. Here are some common types:

  • Grass Pitch: The traditional and most commonly used type of football pitch is made of natural grass. Grass pitches require regular maintenance, including watering, mowing, and fertilising, to ensure optimal playing conditions.
  • Artificial Turf Pitch: Also known as an artificial or synthetic pitch, this type of pitch is made of artificial grass fibres. Artificial turf provides a consistent playing surface and requires less maintenance compared to natural grass. It is commonly used in areas with extreme weather conditions or heavy usage.
  • Hybrid Pitch: A hybrid pitch or sports surface design combines natural grass with synthetic fibres. This type of sports surface or pitch offers the benefits of both natural grass and artificial turf, providing increased durability and improved playing conditions. Hybrid pitches are commonly used in professional stadiums.
  • Indoor Pitch: Indoor football pitches are designed for playing football in enclosed spaces. These pitches are typically made of artificial turf or specialised synthetic sports surfaces throughout. They are commonly found in sports complexes, indoor arenas, or recreational facilities.

Synthetic Soccer Surfacing Consultancy

When all the plans for the work have been finalised and approved, the next stage that the football association, the synthetic football association and the soccer surfacing consultancy will carry out is finding the best contractor to undertake the whole project together.

This is done but putting together the surface specification, technical drawings and bills of quantities for the proposed work in what is known as a tender document.

The document is then shared with a number of selected sports facility contractors who will each submit their best price for your project, and the company with the most competitive quote will then carry out the project.

Throughout the construction process the consultants will supervise the work on-site to ensure high standards are being met, as well as conducting regular meetings with the client, project management team and contractor to oversee the progress of the job.

Sometimes our clients choose to create a dual-purpose sports facility which can also be used as a rugby pitch so we also offer consultancy services for these clients.

When the installation of a new synthetic football pitch or rugby football union, the pitch has been completed, the final part of the sports consultants' role is to undertake specialist testing of your final surface to check performance qualities like ball roll and bounce, as well as safety and drainage.

This is to make sure that the football facility is safe for use and meets all requirements set out by the governing bodies of rugby football union and governing bodies like the FA, FIFA and SAPCA.

Please get in touch with us via our contact form if you're thinking about having synthetic soccer surfacing installed at your school, college, club, leisure centre or another public facility near me, and we'll send you some more information about how the process works.

What is a 3G Football Pitch?

A 3G football pitch is a synthetic grass surface type which is used as a new sports facility to play football foundation soccer. The facility offers great performance qualities for this type of sport and is a permeable flooring type.

This means that the sports surface will not become flooded or waterlogged when it has rained, meaning that you can make use of your new sports facility all year round no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Many schools and sports clubs prefer 3G artificial football pitches over natural grass, as these do not become muddy when it rains and generally require much less maintenance than ordinary turf.

Our sports pitch consultant experts can offer information on the maintenance of synthetic grass that has become waterlogged over time.

We can offer you expert knowledge and information on rejuvenation and resurfacing of sports surfaces and games areas which can completely renew your sporting area and restore the original qualities of the facility.


How to Install a Football Pitch Near Me

If you are wondering how to install a football or perfect sports pitch, or surrounding areas or existing area, our sports pitch consultants are able to provide you with information regarding the installation process.

  1. Dig out the existing surface to the required depth

  2. Install geotextile membrane

  3. Install compacted stone sub base

  4. Install the edging where necessary

  5. Install a screeded layer of sharp sand and compact

  6. Install superior artificial grass sports surfacing

Our experts can complete the whole installation project management process and construction management of sports surfaces for a number of sports facilities including soccer pitches.

We can also make your soccer pitch into a MUGA. For detail on our multi-use game areas, please visit this page

We only make use of premium materials and high-end equipment, ensuring you receive the best service from our specialists. If you have any questions on the installation process, our soccer facility consultants will be more than happy to answer all of your queries.


How Often Should a Football Pitch be Reseeded or Re-turfed?

For natural grass pitches, reseeding is typically done annually or as needed to repair worn areas.

Artificial turf pitches generally have a longer lifespan, but they may require resurfacing or replacement after 8 to 12 years, depending on usage and maintenance.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Football Pitch?

On average, a football pitch installation can take several weeks to a few months.

Factors like weather conditions and any necessary groundwork can affect the timeline. The installation time can vary depending on the size, type, and site conditions.

Can the Football Pitch be Customised with our Team or Club Logo?

It is possible to customise the football pitch with your team or club logo. Options include adding the logo to the centre circle or designing the sports pitch with coloured turf fibres to represent your team's colours.

We can discuss customisation options during the sports surface design phase.

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