Sports Pitch Consultants in Apley Forge

Sports Pitch Consultants in Apley Forge

As sports pitch consultants we can assist you with designing, planning and carrying out the installation of a new sports facility at your school or club.

MUGA Court Consultancy in Apley Forge

MUGA Court Consultancy in Apley Forge

We can offer help to various organisations with creating bespoke designs and obtaining funding for multi use games areas.

Sport Surfacing Architects in Apley Forge

Sport Surfacing Architects in Apley Forge

By working with specialists sports facility architects you can create the perfect sports pitch which meets all the requirements you need.

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Sports Pitch Consultants in Apley Forge

Looking to up your sports pitch game? Look no further because our skilled development team can help you out!

All sports pitches need some attention and regular maintenance to get the best out of them. Many seem tired and worn out, have waterlogging issues, poor grass coverage or unforgiving playing surfaces.

As sports pitch experts, we can improve your traditional grass pitch to create the ideal playing surface you desire. If you are interested in creating a brand new sports pitch from scratch, we are here to help.


Everyone on our team specialises in natural and artificial turf sports pitches design and project management, so you know you're getting the best for what you're paying for.

We have experienced professionals who can provide technical advice, designs and specifications, manage the whole project and procurement process and monitor the construction works all to suit your requirements and budget.

Why Choose Us?

We are a newly established independent sports pitch consultancy with a head office in North Wales providing specialist technical advice, and services to sports clubs, schools and local authorities on all aspects of natural turf playing surfaces and sport pitch facilities.

Our aim is to improve the quality of sport pitch facilities for sports clubs, and communities by providing greater reliability, increasing player performance and safety, increasing player and spectator enjoyment and encouraging further participation in outdoor sports.

As a starting point for established pitches, we recommend undertaking a technical pitch assessment to investigate the current condition and quality of the playing surfaces and arena.

This exercise examines the fundamental performance and safety aspects of a sports field, using aspects such as its drainage capability, soil profiling, grass quality, pitch gradients and surface topography.

The report forms the basis of any remediation works needed by local authorities, identifying the issues and proposing solutions.

There are a variety of techniques and a range of specialised equipment available to support these works, and choosing the most appropriate will lead to better and more cost-effective results.

For new construction projects, we can discuss the options available.

Whether you want a top-quality hybrid turf product for stadium performance, a modest community recreational sports facility or a primary school playing field, we can advise you on the most appropriate choice and manage the whole project for you, from feasibility study to finished playing sports surface design.

If you have a project you would like to discuss or need further information, please use the contact form.

We work to FA guidelines and Sport England Performance Quality Standard (PQS), which provides a recommended minimum quality standard for maintaining and constructing pitches.

Benefits of Sports Turf Consultancy

Sports turf consultancy offers numerous benefits for sports organisations, stadiums, and facilities. Here are some key advantages of engaging in a sports turf consultancy:

Expertise and Professional Advice

Sports surface design and turf consultancies consist of experienced professionals who possess specialised knowledge of sports surface design project management, and expertise in games areas of sports surface and turf project management.

They can provide valuable advice and guidance on a range of topics, including turf selection, maintenance practices, irrigation systems, pest control, and more.

Their insights can help optimise the performance, durability, and safety of sports fields.

Enhanced Field Performance

A sports turf specialist advice and consultancy team can assist a football association in designing and implementing strategies to improve the quality and performance of football associations and sports fields.

They can assess soil conditions, conduct turfgrass analysis, and recommend appropriate maintenance practices to enhance turf resilience, traction, quality and playability.

By optimising field performance, consultancies help create better playing surfaces for athletes and reduce the risk of injuries.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Turf consultancies can provide cost-effective good management solutions and quality and safety solutions by analysing clients' existing maintenance practices and identifying areas for improvement.

They can assist in developing customised maintenance plans, optimising irrigation systems, and recommending efficient equipment and machinery.

By streamlining operations and reducing resource wastage, consultancies help organisations save on costs in the long run.

Long-Term Sustainability

Sustainable turf management is a growing concern in all aspects of football foundation the sports industry.

Sports turf management consultancies can offer guidance to clients on eco-friendly practices, such as water conservation, integrated pest management, and soil health improvement.

By adopting sustainable strategies, every rugby football union, league, association and organisation can reduce their environmental impact, conserve resources, and contribute to long-term turf sustainability.

Costs of Sports Pitch Consultancy 

The average costs of sports pitch consultancy in the UK can vary between £50- £300 per hour.

However, the costs can vary depending on several factors, including the scope of work, the size of the project, the expertise and reputation of the consultancy, and the specific requirements of the client.

Sports pitch consultancies typically charge a consultancy fee for their services. This fee can be calculated in different ways, such as hourly rates, fixed project management fees, or a combination of both.

Get in touch with our team today for a free no-obligation quote.

Sports Turf Consultancy in Apley Forge

Finding the right contractor to install a brand new pitch or facility is important as you want to get the perfect product at a good value price for your organisation, whether it's for a school, club or public sporting facilities near me.

A tender document would be prepared with all the specifications, pitch architects' drawings, and sports surface design details for the installation through the sports turf consultancy services. This document will then be sent out to several contractors, who will then each submit a quote for our work.

Once all the price quotations have been collected, the contractor with the most competitive quote will be selected to carry out the procurement process for the installation.

Sport pitch consultants are on hand to assist each client throughout the full construction and project management, by carrying out site supervision, assessing the quality of the contractor's work and holding regular maintenance meetings to ensure the installation is running smoothly.

Then, once the work has been completed, pitch testing shall be carried out on the surface to ensure that the highest standards for safety greater reliability and performance have been met and to check the client is happy with the final result.

This work can be done for various facilities, including multi-use games areas, full-sized football pitches, athletics areas and many more. If you're interested in installing a MUGA, please visit this page 

Multi-use areas are a great way to improve spectator enjoyment of outdoor sports and facilities, and you can have these multi-use game areas installed at a reasonable price.

If you're thinking about having a new sports area installed and you're not sure where to start, using sports turf, project management and other project management and development consultancy services can offer you the help you need.

Please contact us using our enquiry form and let us know what sort of facility perfect sports pitch you're looking to have built. We can send you some further details on how the process of construction works, and help you make your perfect sports pitch a dream come true!


Sports Surface Contractors Near Me

We have a range of top sports surface design contractors in Apley Forge WV16 4 and surrounding areas who can offer specialist advice regarding the type of surfacing that should be installed for your facility.

We can look at the different sporting activities you want to play and help you decide on what sports surface design and type would be best for your facility.

We install a range of different surface types, including macadam, polymeric, artificial grass, and needle punch. To find out about our 3G pitch consultants, make sure to have a look at this page

As professional contractors, we complete the construction process from start to finish, including excavating the existing surface, laying the surfacing and maintaining the facility.

Our contractors have years of experience within the surfacing industry and expert knowledge in the installation of different surface types.

If you would like to speak to our advisors at any time, please complete the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details regarding the services our contractors can carry out. 

Sport Facility Installers in Apley Forge

Our sport facility installers can alter designs and specifications to meet individual needs and requirements.

If you have a specific budget which you need to remain within, do not hesitate to let our staff know; we may reduce the size of our sports facilities and surrounding areas to meet your specific budget and the space you have available.

Our consultants can also offer advice regarding the most appropriate surface types for the sports you wish to play.

As professionals in the installation of sports pitches, we can alter each surface spec. We also offer additional services like colour coating and line marking if necessary. 


How and when do I Decide what Turf to Use?

Asking yourself this is one of the first questions you should ask. The activities you choose will determine how much money you spend, how you create the physical place, and how you present yourself.

Take time to ask yourself if your space is more geared toward sports and fitness. Is it more about having a good time? Is it a more balanced mix of the two? All of this will have an impact on the image you project.

What Impact does Heat have on Synthetic Turf Spaces? 

When synthetic turf is exposed to direct sunlight on hot sunny days during the summer months, certain synthetic turf fields have reported surface temperatures that are much higher than a natural turf field's surface temperature.

Many coaches will arrange practices and games during the cooler periods of the day and limit the frequency and duration of practices in such conditions.

Is Synthetic Grass a Good Option for Landscape and Recreation Use? 

The fastest-growing segment of the synthetic turf industry is synthetic grass for landscape, golf, and other recreational applications.

Over the years, about 35 million square feet of synthetic grass were deployed for landscape and entertainment purposes. So, safe to say it's a pretty great option to consider. 

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If you wish to talk to someone about installing a new sports area, please get in touch with our staff members.

Our sports pitch consultants in Apley Forge WV16 4 will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information and details you need. 

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